5 Ways to entering a Blocked Website

5 Ways to entering a Blocked Website

In today’s time people get too much addict of Social Sites cause of that school, office, and college blocked some of the social sites and other sites, so people like students or employs could not access these sites. Not at workplace or school in fact at home, guardians block the social sites and other unusable sites, so their child could not access this. It’s fair at home but not in office at all because stay away from the social website for 8-9 hours is really very hard to manage. So here we are providing of certain of methods by using which you can easily access the blocked sites.

1.    Proxy servers

Proxy servers are the one of the best ways to access the block sites because they can bypass easily network restrictions. And proxy servers are very easy to use just enter your URL and check/uncheck few of the specification given there and you will’ be surfing within seconds.

Example: Proxify. Hide My Ass. Web Proxy, BackFox.

2.    Using IP instead of URL

It does totally depend upon the software or application used. Sometimes writing the IP instead of URL might work. In Pc by doing a “ping domain.com” command in the command prompt will return you an IP address. Use this IP address instead of URL.

3.    Shorten the URL

We always try to access the website by its original Full URL but in the case when it is blocked, you might access the blocked website b y using it shortens URL. Because Restriction is applied on the full website URLs not on shorten URL.

For shortening the URL there are several of tools are available.

Example: Goo.gl, bit.ly, is.gd, TinyURL.

4.    Subscribe RSS Feed

This might not be work for each and every website but if the website which you want to access is provided RSS feeds then you can subscribe and read it with an RSS reader easily.

5.    Received by Mail

“Web2Mail” is the way by using which, you will get the website as email, direct to your mail id. To do so, send an email to www.web2mail.com with the URL (of blocked website which you want to access) as Subject Title.


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