Alternative Search Engine to get answer of any Question

Alternative Search Engine to get answer of any Question

most of the time it happens with peoples that they have lots of Question in their mind but have no one to ask that what the solution or the answer to that Question. Even sometimes it happens that direct searching those Questions on Google search bar is also not worthy so what the alternative of this thing and how to get the exact or just nearby answer of your Question?

Here below we are suggesting few of knowledge search engine to you by taking help of these you can make your searching easy and can get exact answer of your Questions:-

  1. eHOW:

It’s a one of the oldest and popular sites for Question and answer that allows people to search for almost any kind of topic from financial to legal and from food to home décor.

  1. Ask:

It’s a Question Answer cum search engine that allows searching for images, videos, news, and the web etc. and even you can ask any Question related to any kind of topic for getting the answer quickly.

  1. Answer:

It’s a Question Answer engine and community that allow people to search for answers. You can ask Question-related to any of your topics and the site answers your all Question.

  1. Wolfram Alpha:

Wolfram Alpha is basically a computational knowledge and search engine which is works for calculating the calculations and it gives the answer of factual Questions etc.

  1. Quora:

Quora is a real people based site where you any one can give the answer of your Question related to their real life experience.

  1. ChaCha:

It’s a human guided search engine which provides real-time answer to you any kind of Questions. ChaCha also posts Quizzes and gallery online.



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