Best Seo Tips and Tricks, You Must Know In 2017

Best Seo Tips and Tricks, You Must Know In 2017


Looking for Best Seo Tips and Tricks in 2017, which will bring your website on the top of the Google search engine, then you searching time is over.  Here is Best Seo Tips and Tricks, You Must Know In 2017.

As you know Google changes or update its algorithm, you might hear Google latest update about mobile first indexing if you haven’t then you should have to know. Well, we have to come on point, so let begin.

Content is the king

To get higher traffic on the site content play vital role, if yours website content is good that help you to growing more traffic on your site.

you need to have written good and quality post, be conscious, a post should not only written for generating traffic on your site, in fact, a post should be written to keep audience needs in mind then you can get more traffic on your sites.

Title should be eye-catching

The audience will go through your post, When your title/heading is eye-catching, which compelled to the people to go through your post.

For instance, you are reading articles because you get Best Seo Tips and Tricks In 2017, in the same way as you get a title like Seo tips and tricks, you might not go through because of it not much eye-catching as the first one. Now, a thing is clear, you need to keep your heading more attractive and eye-catching.

Write Longer Post:-

Often, Google give prioritizes to the longer post, a longer post can get easily high ranking. Short length post can’t provide much information than longer post.

High-Quality post:-

Writing longer post is not an enough to get a higher ranking; you need to write a high-quality post, which makes help to get high rank evermore.

It isn’t necessary that you write one post in a day, just write a one post in a week but it should be unique and high quality.

Keyword should be in the first paragraph

To get a high ranking, the keyword should be in the first paragraph of the post or articles.  that will make your help to get good ranking.


Title character limits

To keep prioritize your post title in the Google search engine you need to keep your title size 40 to 70 character.


Meta Tag:-

Meta Tag also plays vital role to get higher rank in the Google search, So be conscious about meta tag too.

Abstinence to write duplicate content

Google penalize to duplicate content, if you are going to do that mistakes then Abstinence to write duplicate content if you genuinely want to get more traffic and want longevity high ranking.




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