Free Tools for Creating Eye-Catching Blog Headers

Free Tools for Creating Eye


Do you know that when anyone browses the blog or article then what’s the first thing they notice? Yes, you are right the Title or the Header of the blog.

The blog title or header is an important thing for the blog which gives a compliment to your post. If the Header is good and attractive then it sets the tone or scale of the blog before even anyone starts reading your blog. And I must sure that you want that your viewer or visitors will enjoy to reading your blogs and they like your post.

So here we are gathered few of tools by using which you can make an eye caching blog header, even you are not a designer, and you can do this. You just need right tools to do that.

  1. Venngage

It’s a very easy and interesting site which has a selection of blog header template that is highly Adjustments. When once you chose the Template then it is easy to adjust its dimension, color, size, font style, background color, you can add icons etc. not only that much Venngage has a stock of 500,00 images, so you don’t have to use external images or search any image online for your post. For using this site, you have to create an account which is free of cost.

  1. Picasa

Many of the people are aware from this tool. It’s basically an image editing software, this allows you to import the images from your personal library and edit them. For using of Picasa tool, you have to download the software and then you can use it offline easily.

  1. Pixler

It is an app which allows you to import you own personal library images and allow editing it with several of editing elements. This tool doesn’t give you the facility of thousand of images stock but yes, it gives you a collection of fonts to use. And the especially feature of the Pixler is that it have a collection of 28 different languages in it.

  1. Fotor

It’s an image editing webs app that can also be downloaded to your mobile also. it offers a selection if header templates, and if you want to use external templates then it provides this facility also. a best and unique feature of Fotor is “Color splash” apparatus, which allows to choose a color wash and then Brush In to reveal the color underneath. For using this Fotor tool you have to sing in on the website or you can use it directly by using a Facebook account.



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