How to Set up Windows 10 Security Settings

How to Set up Windows 10 Security Settings


Window 10 is most popular window among the entire window released till date. In just only 24 Hours after releasing, 14 Millions of users has downloaded it. And this is partly due to face that Microsoft offered it as a free download for existing window users only. But one of the biggest worries for the Microsoft Customers is their policy on disclosing and sharing personal information or data.

Here in today’s blog we are going to suggest you few of points by using those you can increase security settings in window 10

  • Installation setting

if Window 10 has not installed yet in your PC then be sure to do a custom installation. Which means a user can choose which feature is enabled at the time of installation.  and if window 10 is installed by the express setting then it is still possible to disable some of the privacy settings.

  • General security

For general setting click on Start Button> Settings > Privacy > general tab(that will be on the left sidebar) > now under this tab there will be sliders that can toggle on and off here the topmost button is most important to disable. Switching the rest of other toggle switches will disable the other features.

  • Network and internet settings

Same in the General Setting click on Manage Wi-Fi setting, for keeping everything private what you are searching. For making this all sliders should be moved to the “OFF” positions. and the all the boxes should be unchecked.

  • Location Security

In the same General setting goes to Location tab and turn off location data for specific applications or all applications so by that your location can’t be traced at any cost.

So these are the few setting option by using which you can easily make secure your window 10 accessing.


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