How to Speed Up an Internet Connection

How to Speed Up an Internet Connection


In today’s digital era people are an addict of internet they always like to live online so by that they can get aware with the new trends, news, technology, and get touch in friends, Surf new- new thing. So one and all you can say that internet is a package of entertainment for today’s people. Not only an package of entertainment in fact peoples are today dependent on intent now all the business deal, transactions, database or record of business and many more things are driven by using of internet only. So for that all thing not only internet connection matters whereas  internet speed also matters a lot, if internet gives low speed then it waste the time as well as annoy the people also who are using it.

SO in today’s blog we are gathered certain of tips which will help you to speed up an internet connection.

  1. move on a different browser

Many of people still using Explorer, which really consumes memory of your computer as well as take time to load the pages so avoid that loading time try to move on the different browsers like Mozilla or chrome. These both give many of extensions which make your work easier.

  1. Upgrade Network Adapter Driver

For getting good speed upgrade Network Adapter Driver for your type of hardware that you are using after establishing the brand and version of your LAN card visit to the creator’s website and search for its drivers. Then download and install the relevant or suitable drivers.

  1. Remove unwanted program

Remove the unwanted Add-ons, plugin, and extensions because it directly affects the speed of the internet. Unwanted mean to the extensions or plugin or add-ons which are rarely used by you, remove that all whenever you need that, then again install them.

  1. Remove Nonessential programs

Window 8 has an affinity to auto-launch programs which is nonessential for you but it’s a default setting cause of which it automatically launches programs. These consume memory in your computers and cause of which internet speed goes down. So remove all that programs which is unwanted for you.

  1. Download Drivers from good websites

Never download a driver from any of website because it can causes lot’s of malware, virus, adware and a malicious program which can corrupt your computer’s   other program and can make speed slow of an internet.


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