How to Write an Eye Catcher Tile for a Blog

How to Write an Eye Catcher Tile for a Blog

Choosing the title for a blog is really the toughest task to do because it’s the main ingredient of your whole blog which decides the significance or importance of your blog. The title is the thing which creates the reader for your site. Where the content is a king of your websites, the title is the Queen and as the rules say that Queen is the superior part of the game, if you have Queen then a game is all yours. So now the thing is that how to make Queen on your side? So for that keep read continue, you will get the answer to your Question.
In today’s era everything is digital and reason of that, more and more people are using abstract database to find the relevant title and niche for their work and that’s why if you want your article to come up in the Google search ranking then, you should make sure that your title should be summary of your work which will address the right spectators or readers. So how can you do this? Wants to know then here is step by step guide for you with some useful tips that can make help you definitely.
Before going to start your any of blog post, ask these few Questions to yourself:

  • What should be the topic of my post or blog?
  • Is my post will answer the Question of Readers or viewers?
  • What others competitors or other website holders are writing on the same topic?
  • How can I differentiate my post and title from others?


So these are the few thing which you should ask yourself once you get the answers of these all then now come back to the main point of which our we are talking previously that how to choose and write eye catcher title?


  1. Use numbers in your title, as far I don’t know why but it really gonna to work for you and it’s my personal experience that readers attract towards numbers rather than just simple words. Yes, this rule is not applicable for each and every tile but in most of the title, it will gonna to work effectively.
  2. Never use any Acronyms world in the title without spelling them out, because the readers who are not familiar with this world may skip your post even its relevant to their search but still they neglect it.
  3. Use the words like Reasons, Facts, Ways, Tricks, Secrets, Lessons etc. these are the world which gonna create the good impact on readers.
  4. Use keyword, so by that your title can get rank in the Google search. For making that you can take help of Google Keyword Tool. So using keywords in a title is a most important thing which will create weightage in your title.
  5. The most important thing is to make the combination of Numbers+ Adjectives+ Keywords+ assurance.
    For example
    THE 15 unbelievable ways to use technology for home decor……


It’s the example which will create curiosity in the mind of the reader and here you are giving assurance also. So this is the way which will definitely attract readers towards your blog.  And the last point is to take your time that does justice with your tile and selects the one which will describe your whole content with an honest and attractive approach. So by that readers won’t regret it to read and neither will you also.



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