Some of Ways to protect your Online Identity from Cyber Criminals

Some of Ways to protect your Online Identity from Cyber Criminals


As everyone knows that today’s era is digital era and Living without net is like living without oxygen. Day by day internet is changing significantly and cause of that day per day people are getting more and more addict of internet people share their all person;, confidential, official and every kind of data. And on the Network there are lots of hackers who are keeping eyes on each and every, data of people’s so it’s your own responsibility that follows some simple and effective rules so by that you save your personal identity.

Here is few of points are gathered for you by which you can make help yourself to save your data and identity from cyber criminals.

  1. don’t share personal information over social media

Try to keep your personal information like phone number, address or family data hide. and remove the friends who you don’t know personally.

  1. Review privacy setting on social media

Privacy setting should be use by everyone over social media. Privacy setting means to be “Friend only” privacy option. Which will help you to keep hide your data and photos etc from unknown peoples.

  1. Password protection

Always make your password secure and hard to crack for making password secure use combination of letters, numbers and special symbols, which is hard to break or decrypt by cyber hackers.

  1. Make Location Off

Many of apps ask permission for GPS locations tracking service. So try to keep it off because by this anyone can track your location which can be insecure for you.  And for more security make manually turn the GPS location Service off.

  1. Keep eyes on https://

“S” at the end of http is stand for secure so cause of that make sure that any website you are using for sensitive and confidential information.

  1. use Two-way verification

Try to keep using two verification code services for every account on social media and even personal data also. This will help you to provide more secure access to data.



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