Way to Use Digital and Print Media Marketing Strategies Together

Way to Use Digital and Print Media Marketing Strategies Together

Today’s era, Digital marketing widely spread and crucial way to keep your brand relevant, but the ideas of print marketing seem like bygone era,

But rest assured, print marketing still is not dead.

The organization that ditches print marketing sake of digital those is missing out on the world best world.

To take avail of both marketing you can learn to use both together.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is all about marketing that happens online. This is done through SEO, Social Media Marketing, Pay-per click, public relation and email marketing.  The benefit of using it to reach a large number of Audiences and explore consequence.

Print Marketing

The print media marketing that uses physical media marketing. These include Newspaper, magazines, billboards, direct mail, posters, etc. The benefit of using print marketing is, gaining the loyalty of reader, targeting audience, choose own space for advertisement and etc.

To get more audience and increasing marketing you should use both together

Using of Print and Digital marketing together:-

 QR Codes: –  QR codes “Quick response code” that are bar code attached to the product and scannable with a smart phone as well.  With bar code consumer can view a print media and then lead as digital media.

Custom URL: – It is a bit of difference from a bar code, a customer viewing the print media and then manually typing in your company’s unique URL.

Social Media: – Social Media is the great way to reach out a large number of peoples. This is a great way to combine marketing strategies.

Variable Printing: – Variable Printing is a form of printing in which image, graphics, and text can be seamlessly changed from one print to the next without sake a lag in the printing process. This is a great method to use jointly with social media expeditions.




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